Miguel Farah wrote:
> I downloaded the 8.2.0 version and regenerated my documents; the table
> of contents isn't working in any of them.
> Comparing the 8.1.0 source files with the newer 8.2.0, I THINK the
> problem lies in a modification to javascripts/toc.js:
> Before, there was a "window.onload = generateToc" sentence at its
> beginning, and now it's not there. This piece of JavaScript source is
> included in the generated documents, and since there isn't a call
> anywhere in the file, the funcion generateToc(toclevels) isn't executed
> at all.
> Adding the missing line manually made things work again.

Either there's an old version of asciidoc somewhere in your path or you 
  have customized conf files that need to be updated to include the 
above JS line.

-- Stuart

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