This is the document I want to mark up:

This is Application and ServerApplication so let's see how we do.

I want 'Application' and 'ServerApplication' to be in monospace.

So I define the following:

monospacedwords=P X Y
monospacedwords=ServerApplication Application

What happens is that the 'Server' in ServerApplication is not in 
monospace.  Make almost any change, and it will be though:

Change the P in the line before to Q, or pretty much anything else,
and its OK again - we recognise Application and also ServerApplication
and convert both to monospace.

Remove X or Y and its OK too.

Any ideas?

The other desire I'd have is that I'd like to use replacements as I used 
to in LaTeX.

What I find however is that with:

win=`Microsoft Windows`

I'd really like this to be re-evaluated and monospaced - but it isn't 
(the back ticks are passed right through).

Is it possible to get this effect - where I replace a shorthand?

Maybe I haven't understood all the manual's subtlety!


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