I am trying to use asciidoc to generate a PDF but when I do it it wants 
to compute my initials and I got an error. Indeed my firstname initial 
letter is É and as the text is encoded in UTF-8 it is multibytes. 
However the initials computation is done by:

initials = firstname[:1] + middlename[:1] + lastname[:1]

and because `firstname' is an `str' it has a single byte access (at 
least on my Python 2.5.1). So firstname[:1] will not return É but Ã.

Nothing to do with it but a2x searches for a fop.sh and on my Gentoo fop 
installation i only got a fop in /usr/bin.

I am using asciidoc 8.2.3.

++ Émilien TLAPALE

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