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On Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 1:59 PM, Robert Goldman <rpgold...@sift.info> wrote:

Another trick you could try is to define a special class of files for the info files (probably just a subclass of cl-source-file). Then you could tell ASDF not to move that class of files, by providing a method on OUTPUT-FILES.

You can return T for the second value in order to have output-translations
not apply, IIRC.

Actually, one way to achieve the effect that I want is to have the
info file copied into the place where the fasls end up (because then
*LOAD-PATHNAME* points to the place where the info file is found, just
as it is when the index.lisp is loaded via LOAD).

I suppose I could create a class that has the effect of copying the
info files without any other operation on them?

Robert Dodier

Yes, for example, you could override the `COMPILE-OP` for this class of files to just do the move, instead of being a no-op.

Now that I think of it, if these index files are lisp data (some kind of table, right?), couldn't you actually compile them? If you can use `CL:LOAD` on them, couldn't you also use `COMPILE-FILE`? In which case, I think you could just treat them like cl source files, and use `(or *compile-file-truename* *load-truename*)`. I think that would give you the behavior you want.


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