On Wed, May 30, 2018 at 10:47 AM, Robert Goldman <rpgold...@sift.info> wrote:
> Does anyone have any suggestions about testing against multiple versions of
> SBCL? This brings to a head a problem that has been pending for a long time
> -- how should I be keeping around old versions of lisp implementations so
> that I can check that a fix needed to handle a new release doesn't break an
> old one? I can try putting an extra version of SBCL into the linux box that
> runs the ASDF tests, but can't possibly do this for multiple different lisp
> implementations, nor can I handle more than a limited number of versions per
> implementation. Any suggestions very welcome.

We've fully embraced Docker for this sort of thing. You can keep
multiple versions of SBCL/CCL/etc. around as separate Docker images
and then spin up a container with the code mounted into it for

Somewhat related, I was curious why ASDF doesn't use Gitlab CI to
automatically run tests. It probably wouldn't have helped in this
particular case since the root cause was a change outside ASDF, but
it's still nice for things like merge requests.


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