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I used to use it, then it broke months ago on my local setup so I just
disabled it.

Two questions:

1. I'm curious about why you used it. Anything you could share would be helpful.

2. Was the breakage due to the change in the compiler internals? If so, the merge request I just sent off should fix it (and I hope to have a new release with it integrated soon).


AFAICT, it is disabled by default, and it is not documented in the
ASDF manual.> So is this code even live, except for in the test scripts?

It was pretty painful to get this to work because it relies on
unexported (and hence unstable) SBCL internals.> My *guess* is that this was originally done as a way to dispense with
WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT and hence potentially parallelize the
compilations.> If no one is even using it, I am tempted to move it to be a contrib
and drop it from the tests and maintenance as part of core ASDF.
Maybe it would be better as a part of a POIU extension to ASDF, and
relieve me of dealing with these SBCL compiler internals?> Cheers,

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