One more thing. I *believe* that all `fiveam-test-system`s automagically depend on `fiveam`. If I'm wrong about that, I should fix it....


On 6 Jun 2018, at 12:14, Robert Goldman wrote:

On 6 Jun 2018, at 11:37, Mark Evenson wrote:

On Jun 5, 2018, at 18:44, Robert Goldman <> wrote:

I have pushed the system fiveam-asdf, which supports integration between ASDF and the FIVEAM test library, to the contribs directory in the ASDF repo. Please have a look.

Be warned! It is old, and not being broke, hasn't been fixed. It inappropriately is housed in the ASDF package and inappropriately exports extensions from that package.

But I believe it's still useful as an example of how to raise conditions when the test operation goes wrong. Catching those exceptions can be used to cause a build to fail in a CI system, typically by running lisp in batch mode and having it exit with a nonzero error code if the test operation fails.


Thanks ever so much for [releasing the fiveam-asdf code][1].


I seemingly misunderstand how to use the :CLASS argument to ASDF:DEFSYSTEM, as I cannot quite get your code to work.

If you get a chance, can you eyeball [my example code to try to use FIVEAM-ASDF][2] to tell me if that looks like the correct usage?


Various versions of ASDF-3.1.x (SBCL, CCL, ABCL) are failing with problems about symbols:

Error while trying to load definition for system
fiveam-asdf-example from pathname

   name-conflicts in #<PACKAGE "ASDF/USER"> between the
   following symbols:

I had problems like this, too -- it's because of the fact that when the `defsystem` form is first read, *before* the `:defsystem-depends-on` is loaded, the symbol named "FIVEAM-TESTER-SYSTEM" gets interned in `ASDF/USER` and then when it's later exported from `ASDF/INTERFACE` (used by `ASDF/USER`) it collides with the earlier-read symbol.

I believe that the correct fix for this is to use any new symbols (like `fiveam-tester-system`) in the keyword package, so
:class :fiveam-tester-system
and then when the `defsystem` form is processed *after* the defsystem dependencies (in this case, `fiveam-asdf`), ASDF will look for keyword symbols in the current package.

Give that a try and see if it fixes your problem.

We should check and see if the processing of keyword symbols is documented clearly in the manual. Possibly there should be a FAQ entry for this issue....


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