Lists the various ways of contacting the Gentoo Lisp team, which maintains this.

On June 22, 2018 11:42:34 AM PDT, Robert Goldman <> wrote:
>On 22 Jun 2018, at 12:52, Konstanski, Carlos wrote:
>> The gentoo packaging for the new ASDF version is broken.
>> !!! Fetched file: asdf- VERIFY FAILED!
>> !!! Reason: Filesize does not match recorded size
>> !!! Got:      484988
>> !!! Expected: 487861
>> -- 
>> Carlos Konstanski
>I am afraid that I have no idea who packages ASDF for Gentoo, nor how
>is done.  You should probably find the packager through the metadata on
>the package and ask them what has gone wrong.
>I wonder if they just grabbed the very latest (, which note is 
>**not** a release: the release is 3.3.2), without updating the 
>Sorry I can't be of more assistance.

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