In case anyone cares (I suppose no one does), POIU, the parallel
operator on independent units, that parallelizes compilation (but not
loading) of ASDF component, with various options regarding determinism
or non-determinism, is current bitrotten and not working on ASDF, and I disabled its functionality. I don't have the time or
interest to fix it (I haven't been using CL at work for five years,
and have stopped using it for new personal projects).

The other option I know to parallelize a CL build is bazelisp (the
Lisp support for, which I would bet is also bitrotten,
since I haven't touched it in years, either. [An earlier option I
worked on, XCVB, has bitrotten long ago.]

I am still available for advice in case someone wants to fix things —
better ask before the information gets evicted to long-term storage.

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