> I think we should probably clear out all the MRs except the syntax 
> rationalization, then release bug fix 3.3.3, and then move to get the syntax 
> branch integrated as a release candidate for 3.4.
> I think the syntax isolation is a big enough change in behavior that it 
> merits being 3.4
I wholeheartedly agree. There's just !99 left, which contains at least
one important fix (defining call-without-redefinition-warnings in
asdf.asd, not just uiop.asd, since we won't be loading uiop.asd
anymore). After that, I believe we should release 3.3.3 as a
bug-fixing milestone, where the 3.3 release gets really stable (also,
half way to 6.6.6). And then move on with 3.4.0 that would include
syntax-control !86 which I believe is ready, with its conservative
take on using the initial readtable by default.

The other MRs out there are not ready: the Genera one !84 awaits input
from someone who actually develops on Genera and could fix the CLOS
issues with ASDF 3.3 there. The !83 on process-status is a WIP that
the late author, Elias Pipping won't make further progress on. :-(

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