How critical is being able to upgrade?  Cmucl snapshots usually provide the
very latest version of asdf.

Fare has reported the issues with cmucl's pcl and I've just been really
lazy to dig into the hairy pcl code.

On Thu, Feb 14, 2019 at 2:16 PM Robert Goldman <> wrote:

> On 14 Feb 2019, at 4:55, Anton Vodonosov wrote:
> 13.02.2019, 01:44, "Robert Goldman"
> On a happier note, both (Home)brew and Ubuntu have newish versions of
> clisp which, AFAICT, pass all the ASDF tests. Yay!
> What newish clisp it is? I have been hoping clips will release somem
> "refreshment" release, maybe just the same code as the previous release but
> new ASDF. From time to time are check the mailing list and project page -
> no news.
> Is that OS package maintainers did anything on the package level?
> I think it's the packaging managers, not the clisp maintainers who did
> this.
> On my Mac, with Homebrew, the version is:
> /usr/local/Cellar/clisp/2.49_2 (64 files, 16.2MB)
> According to GitHub, it was last updated 20 days ago. I don't really know
> how up-to-date it is with the clisp repo versus the ancient zip file.
> On my Ubuntu Box, I have a package whose version is listed as
> 1:2.49.20170913-4build1. I don't know how to tell what that corresponds
> to in terms of the clisp source repo.
> Best,
> R


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