On Tue, Feb 26, 2019 at 8:30 AM Will Mengarini <sel...@eskimo.com> wrote:
> * Robert Goldman <rpgold...@sift.info> [19-02/25=Mo 15:37 -0600]:
> > Even if so, why not just add `:documentation-pathname`,
> > and then no one will have to worry about type errors?
> +1
Because adding a new slot means a new ASDF version with its own
feature and systems having to guard use of that slot with #+asdf3.4 to
avoid breaking on older versions of ASDF. I don't think this feature
is worth it. Actually, I'm not even sure the feature is worth this
discussion that I started, that looks more and more like bikeshedding.
My apologies for starting it.

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