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Guwahati, Friday, June 23, 2006

Historic Neghriting Sivadol in dilapidated condition
From Our Correspondent
 GOLAGHAT, June 22 – The historic Neghriting Sivadol is one of the famous temples built during the Ahom rule. This Siva temple was built by Swargadeu Rajeswar Singha (1751-1769). The main temple is surrounded by three other temples the Vishnu, Ganesh and Surjya. The king Rajeswar Singha appointed one Bhudhar Agamacharji as priest of the temple for maintence of the temples and rituals were also performed. The Agamacharji family has been still performing puja and other maintenance works regularly. This Sivadol at Neghriting was built in 1687 Saka by a famous artist Ghanashyam Khonikar. This Sivadol is a famous tourist spot at Dergaon and is situated on a hillock. The Brahmaputra is flowing near the temple.

But now the condition of the Sivadol is deplorable and there is no provision of drinking water, good system of electrification, guest houses etc. The large number of monkeys are also suffering from malnutrition and in the evening unsocial activities have also been increasing, the local people alleged.

The Archaological department should take necessary measures for the preservation, protection and beautification of the Neghriting Sivadol so that it can again be a tourist spot. Every year, Sivaratri is celebrated in the Sivadol premises where huge gatherings assembled to offer worship and a great mela is also held. But due to the negligence of the tourist department, the foreign and local tourists face many problems.

The local people have demanded that the State government, the development authority of Golaghat Town Committee of Dergaon, the temple management committee, should take proper and practical steps so that Nehriting Sivadol is turned into a beautiful tourist spot in future.

The local conscious people feel that the tourist department of Asom should take over the maintenance of the Sivadol.

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