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We at DEUKA - The Wings of Aspirations firmly believe that the world can be 
changed with a positive mindset and a determination to always seek and 
highlight the good even in the milieu of gloom and decay.

While a question may arise why you should opt to choose us in a very 
competitive market, we can only say that we have ventured to pave out a 
positive trail - with emphasis on carefully selected expression as words have 
both constructive and destructive aspects.
The array of activities that we have come up with are works which give inner 
satisfaction to us. We hope you will provide us an opportunity to serve your 
We will provide various services that we are passionate about and we hope 
citizens and stakeholders will love it too.
Category 1:
v    Speech writing and press releases

v    Articles - We love to do articles highlighting the positive and 
developmental achievements both at public and private domain to ensure good of 
the society.
v    Reviews of films, books, music and theatre
v    Business and personal statements
v    Promotional stories for the travel and tourism sector.

Category 2:
We have dubbed this category as the journey towards understanding the self. Our 
resource persons from various professional backgrounds and very successful in 
their respective fields, but who have also seen much of life and feel there is 
still to imbibe a lot from life, will help citizens from all walks of life 
including the student community, to make this inner journey. We have felt that 
in the fast changing world where moral values are eroding, the community 
feeling is on the wane and frustration and pessimism is holding back a huge 
segment of the population to discover the real beauty of life, it is important 
to sow the seeds of hope.
Our tools for enhancing life—
v  creating awareness about the inner strength

v  Disseminating the remarkable moral and value-based content in our ancient 
literature so that a spiritual awakening will further strengthen the foundation 
of society.
v  Skill and personality development

We will strive to achieve our category 2 mission through symposiums, workshops 
and trainings.
We have a group of qualified resource persons who want to give back to society 
to usher in a new dawn.

Our team is inspired by the theme and style of The Old Man and The Sea and that 
is how we have all come together.

We have always believed in life and every new experience is a source of 
learning and honing our own skills. In our 12+ years of journalistic stint, we 
always endeavoured to present the stories of the common man and their issues. 
It was truly a memorable journey when we highlighted the community 
developmental stories. And now we want to continue the same but of course from 
a different platform. We affirm to maintain the highest legal and moral 
standards in all our services.
Simplicity in all forms and aspects. A lucid, simple and spontaneous expression 
is what we intend to give our customers
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