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> I didn't care much about license so far;
> the code is available for free from the links mentioned below.
> See also here:

​FSVO "free". If you don't assign a license, then I would think (I'm not a
lawyer) that the Berne Copyright convention applies. It is generally in
force world-wide. And definitely in Germany.


Yes, I have some serious "hang ups" in this area.​

> https://github.com/StanfordPascal/Pascal
> this will be most recent, my actual development version.
> I deploy the compiler to the MVSINST subdirectory (and zip file,
> which can be downloaded from the website) every month or so,
> when I consider it stable enough. Same goes for the AWSTAPE file
> (CMS target, TAPE LOAD format).
> Feel free to ask offline, if you have more questions.
> Kind regards
> Bernd

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