On 08/02/18 01:29, Jon Perryman wrote:
Clearly Dr. Ward does not respect me as a C or HLASM programmer. Can
he earn my respect by showing he understands HLASM basics? I don't
think he knows HLASM as well as he wants us to believe.

I can't find any messages where I disrespect Jon as a C or HLASM
programmer. I have asked how certain things could be done
in assembler, because I genuinely want to know, for example:

On 05/02/18 17:32, Martin Ward wrote:
How do you define a function using assembler macros?
How do you define objects? In particular, how do you stop
the programmer from taking the address of an object
and examining/modifying the object's internals
without using the defined interface?

I would like to see an implementation of Knuth's
"man or boy test" in HLASM.

My claim to knowledge of HLASM is based on developing
an automated migration engine which transforms HLASM
to semantically equivalent C and COBOL. This has been
used commercially on millions of lines of assembler:
so I have seen many of the coding tricks used
by HLASM programmers in practice. I have written
some programs that generate simple HLASM programs
(autmated generation of test harnesses), but have
never actually implemented any large HLASM systems
and have never claimed to be able to do so.


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