OK, Jon.  That's enough.

I've been following along (well, reading... haven't programmed in Assembler for many years, and hardly program at all now that I'm retired, so the HLASM OOP discussion is way over my head).

But I do recognize name-calling and general incivility when I see it, in this and previous posts by you. I don't recall ever setting anyone on this list to review (posts must be approved), but I will do so if your
posts in this vein continue.

If anyone would like to continue this discussion with Joh, please take it

Jean Snow
Assembler-List manager

On Fri, 9 Feb 2018, Jon Perryman wrote:

Charles Mills wrote:> I know, I have been as guilty as anyone.> You think "let me 
just answer this one point." Don't feed the trolls.

Never once did you, Dr. Martin Wade and others ever contemplate that HLASM OOP 
is possible. Even when the assembler guys tried to help, there still was any 
possibility of it working. In fact, you all thru the comparison of C vs HLASM 
you gang up and support each other thru your absurd facts. Apparently Dr. 
Martin Wade is not  going to respond because he's incapable of creating a 
solution. It's true you can't fix stupid. Give me some time and I'll put it 
into terms that simple minds like yours can understand.

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