I already answered that question; I don't consider EBCDIC code pages to be 
intrinsically superior to most other 8-bit code pages. The reason that it's 
superior to ASCII is that ASCII is 8 bit. 

Shmuel (Seymour J.) Metz

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On 2018-02-09, at 15:05:19, Seymour J Metz wrote:

> Pretty much any EBCDIC code page is superior to ASCII. As to what to call 
> 8-bit code pages, I'd suggest using the term" 8-bit code page" and reserving 
> the term "ASCII" for ASCII. Especially if you find yourself having to 
> transfer data among machines using different code pages.
But be fair.  How would you rate IBM1148 against ISO-8859-15, not
"any EBCDIC" against "ASCII"?

-- gil

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