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You're thinking of Pascal. In Algol 60 labels could certaainly be integers, but 
didn't have to be. Instead of designing Pascal to make GOTO less necessary, 
Wirth just made it more dangerous  )-:

I don't understand your comment. Labels in Pascal a integer constant,
followed by a colon, which have to be coded in front of a statement.
Furthermore, there must be a declaration for them (e.g. label 10;).
There is no danger in using them, apart from the general problem
that labels have ("goto considered harmful").

In 2011, I added break, continue and return statements to my version
of the Stanford Pascal compiler, and this allowed me to remove most of
the labels - and gotos - which were in the compiler source code (which is in Pascal, too); because most labels were used to do exactly such things (like break, continue
or return).

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