My code is half in assembler and half in C++ so not much use to others but

- one of the twelve bits fields is the User ABEND code. If it is non-zero,
format it as Udddd where dddd is the decimal (CVD and UNPK) value of the 12
- the other is the System ABEND code. If it is non-zero, format it as Sxxx
where xxx is the hex value of the twelve bits. There are other threads here
that have covered binary to hex conversion -- there are lots of ways to do

They should never both be non-zero on an ABEND. It is possible but unlikely
they are both zero. If so, I think there is a bit somewhere that tells you
whether this is a U0000 or an S000 ABEND. If it were me and I was trying to
be compact, I might just format the S-code if it were non-zero, and else the
U-code (zero or not).


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As usual, I'm looking into some old ESTAE code.
More specifically the System Diagnostic Work area.
Does anyone have any sample code to share which interprets and converts the
two 12-Bit codes of SDWACMPC into a displayable format ?
I'm trying to keep the size of the module small and would prefer not to use
any Translation Table.
Anyone have any code they could share ?
Thank You
Paul D'Angelo

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