Maybe I'm missing something, as this is a bit trickier than the usual
shlop, but wouldn't it be more efficient to OI the last byte of &TARGET
with x'F0', and skip the MVZ?  Using =C'0123...'-C'0'  for the TR table of

On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 11:59 AM, Jonathan Scott <> wrote:

> Here's a simplified version of a macro which I've been using to convert
> data to printable hex for over 30 years.  It uses the extra one-byte
> move instead of needing a pad byte, so that the user doesn't need to
> know about that, and sets the zones to zero so that it only needs a
> 16-byte table, which can default to being a literal.
>          MACRO
>          MVC   &TARGET+L'&TARGET-1(1),&SOURCE+L'&SOURCE-1
>          NI    &TARGET,X'0F'
>          MVZ   &TARGET+1(L'&TARGET-1),&TARGET
>          TR    &TARGET,=C'0123456789ABCDEF'
>          MEND  ,
> The NI and MVZ can alternatively be done using NC with a literal, and in
> the real macro the 16-byte hex table can be provided as a parameter.
> Jonathan Scott
> IBM Hursley, UK


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