Hi all,

fixed in assp 2.5.6 build 17013:

- the mobile GUI view was no longer working

- incoming DMARC reports were no longer detected

- the automatic perl module update function was not working in 
Service/AsADaemon mode using CPAN,
  if newer CPAN modules were installed
- the new browser history function in the GUI was only working in browsers 
with a webkit available 

- the IP-address links in the top-ten statistic were not working in every 


- 'noModuleAutoUpdate' is changed from a checkbox to a multi value option

'noModuleAutoUpdate','No Automatic Perl Module update',
'0:no skip - update all | 1:skip all | 2:skip installed but not used by 
'If set, ASSP will skip the automatic Perl module update for the selected.
  On NIX systems this value is ignored, if runAsUser is used!
  The automatic perl module upgrade is only done, if assp is running as OS 
user 'root'.


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