Further to my emails on the user list regarding trying to get our HMM/Bayes working better I have turned on blocking and am doing my best to keep on top of reclassifying mistakes.

As a result I've got a block report coming to me every 4 hours of everything that has been blocked which leads me to 3 issues.

1) Although the frequency is set to 4 hours there is no way I can set it to only report on last then 1 day - it appears fractions are ignored in the report request. Would it be possible to have the report request process the first digit after the decimal? At least then I'd be able to generate reports an specify it in 2.4 hour blocks rather than 24 hour blocks.

2) I've filtered out none bayes/hmm blocks. When an email address has a blocked message, the header for that email address is included in the report even when all of the emails have been filtered from the display and it says "found no blocked messages". Would it be possible to have the header for each email address included only if there are blocked messages to be displayed on the report?

3) Finally, I have two particular customers who were being affected badly by HMM/Bayes blocks so I have had to set them as test mode for HMM/Bayes. Unfortunately this means that they don't appear on the block report so I can't correct the mistakes. I would like to suggest that if anything is set on test mode such as this there needs to be an admin report so that work can be done to get them off test mode. This could be as simple as including them on the block report with something to identify them as test mode. Leaving as is will be training the database the wrong way and my only options are to grep the mail logs or trawl through the spam corpus looking for anything out of place.

All the best,

Colin Waring.

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