I posted this in the change notification email, but think it may have
gotten buried.

>if CCchangeMSGDate is used, only the value for the seconds will be
randomly changed
Thank you for this!!

Any chance of having that be a selectable option though?  Here's the deal:
1) Sometimes when a message is erroneously rejected, I need to insure that
the intended recipient sees it and it doesn't get buried in yesterday's
unread mail (since everyone sorts by date)
2) Sometimes if a user is looking for a message from yesterday and I
resend, they expect to see it using yesterday's date, not today's.

So basically, if they know I'm resending, they're going to look for it to
show up in yesterday's mail.  If I'm doing it because I caught a mistake,
it'll show from today or I let them know to check yesterday's mail
(depending on the user and scenario).

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