I've a couple of fun ones at the moment. Basically I'm getting reports of 
phishing emails that get past everything.

The headers are like this:

Reply-to: Sender Name <n...@recipientdomain.tld-1.me>
To: recipi...@recipientdomain.tld
From: Sender Name <f...@domain.tld>
From: Sender Name <f...@domain2.tld>
From: Sender Name <actualsmtpfromaddr...@legitimatebutcompromiseddomain.tld>

These bypass no spoofing as none of the from/SMTP header domains are actually 
the recipient domain. Annoyingly, Outlook chooses the Reply-to address to 
display so it appears almost legitimate.

I'm aware that the RFCs allow multiple from headers, though I can't see of any 
legitimate reason for this so I was considering blocking or increasing spam 
score based on this - is this possible with ASSP at the moment or not?

The second thing I was looking at doing was coming up with a regex. 
Essentially, all recipient domains are in localdomains.txt so I'd want a regex 
that would take all lines from localdomains. If the reply to or smtp from 
address is a line from localdomains with anything else after it, then bin it. I 
accept that there may in some extremely obscure cases be a clash with a 
legitimate domain but do not believe that to be likely. I'll have a look next 
week as to if I can figure out a way to do it but if there's something obvious 
that you could let me know that'd be great.

All the best,
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