Dear ASSP community,
we are an Italian ESP ( with worldwide customers
delivering about 10 billion emails per year, both marketing emails and
transactional emails.
I would kindly point out that I see some blocked emails with the message
"554 5.7.1 Mail appears to be unsolicited -- send error reports to.." that
is proper of ASSP.

I can assure you all that we are very committed in fighting spam and email
abuse (at least since a couple of years when I stepped in) and for this
reason I'd advise to contact me or our abuse department (, to signal unwanted emails rather than block
I don't want to oush any kind of "self promotion" but we ususally deal with
abuse complaints very promptly and we partner with several anti-abuse
gropus and companies to preemptively hinder any kind of abuse from our

All the relevant information, especially our IPs, are published at this

If any of you have questions or need further clarifications please do not
hesitate to ask me

Best Regards

Alberto Miscia | Head of Deliverability & Compliance | MailUp
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