As has been pointed out several times on the AST and UWIN lists, AT&T gives
very little support to OpenSouce software, which is why we have so few
people involved with our rather large collection of AST software.  In spite
of this, ksh, nmake, vczip, UWIN and other AST tools continue to be used in
several AT&T projects.

It turns out that software isn't the only thing lacking support:  both dgk
(AT&T fellow, 36 years of service) and gsf (AT&T fellow, 29 years of
service) have been terminated, effective October 10.  Our third major
partner, Phong Vo (AT&T fellow, 32 years of service), left a few months ago
for Google.  The UWIN maintainer, Jeff Fellin, is still with AT&T and
provides UWIN support for some critical operations.

Both dgk and gsf will continue to work on AST software, and might actually
have more time (at least in the short run) to focus on it.

The download site and mail groups will remain within AT&T for at least the
next several months.  Our AT&T colleague, dr.ek, AST user and bug detector,
will maintain the site.  We have secured the domain and are
investigating non-AT&T hosting options, including a repository with bug

The process of change will take time; the patience of the user community
will be greatly appreciated.  Its quite a shock to have 3 weeks to plan
personal, career, and hacking futures after working in an environment that
has essentially been stable for almost 30 years.  The user groups will be
informed as plans solidify.

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Switch over to these soon: AT&T does not forward email of former employees.

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