We see ksh93u fork bomb itself once in awhile. Whenever ksh93u fork bomb, it 
gets launched by following steps.
   - rsh to a server as user A. login shell is ksh (ksh88, vendor shipped).
   - 'su –' to become root. root’s login shell is ksh93u. 

So, the process tree looks like:
     /usr/sbin/in.rlogind (root)
         -> ksh (User A)
                -> Ksh93u (root user) (pid ABC)

Now, whenever in.rloingd and ksh gets killed, ksh93u (pid ABC) start forking 
Also, when fork bomb happen, first ksh93u spawn second, second sh93u spawn 
third, third spawn forth and so on. It’s not like all new ksh93u gets spawn for 
a signal process.

We are unable to reproduce this one, but this happens more frequent. Any help 
Thanks, Ritesh

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