On Tue, Aug 28, 2012 at 2:11 AM, Roland Mainz <roland.ma...@nrubsig.org> wrote:
> Attached (as "astksh_fs_at_emulation002.diff.txt") is the 2nd
> prototype patch which adds a POSIX |*at()| emulation (e.g.
> |openat()|&co.) to libast.
> Notes:
> - Only tested with ast-ksh.2012-08-24, not ast-open (yet)

ast-open.2012-08-24 compiles OK.
note that some applications _may_ fail if they do something like
#define fchdir() or #define chdir() ... these functions or cpp macros
MUST redirect to |ast_fchdir()| and |ast_chdir()| since the |*at()|
emulation "remembers" the last fd used to do some optimisations. If
|ast_fchdir()| and |ast_chdir()| are bypassed then this "remembered"
fd is likely "stale" and might cause subtle failures. This is not a



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