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>> Excluding tksh and dtksh - has anyone ever managed to use libshell for
>> anything else? Anyone? I think the answer is a bold "NO" because the
>> libshell API is NOT suited for tasks outside making more shell
>> variants. We've been there and figured that libshell can not be used
>> in ANY larger project because it fiddles with so many global resources
>> around that it sooner, more sooner blows your application up. The
>> libshell code is NOT designed to share control with anything else than
>> itself.
> Many years ago I had a summer student embed ksh93 into a windows scripting
> interface.

That doesn't mean libshell has a good API for embedding. Actually it's
quite unsuited to use for anything than tksh, dtksh or biosh. The
whole point of having an API for embedding is to make it an
universally easy task to embed something into an existing application
and mix it with other APIs. libshell makes this VERY hard since it
acts like the sole owner of a lot of resources without asking or
having callbacks to notify the consumer. Taking option {a} will make
this even worse.

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