On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 6:01 AM, Roland Mainz <roland.ma...@nrubsig.org> wrote:
> Attached (as "astksh_chroot_cd_devfd_cd_f_20120911_001.diff.txt") is a
> patch which fixes two issues with "cd":
> 1. $ cd /dev/fd/$fd # doesn't work in chroot'ed environments when
> /dev/fd is not mounted (thanks to CERN staff for reporting this).

BTW: This patch fixes problems with /dev/fd on Solaris, too (there
were some issues with older, unpatched Solaris 9+10 releases where
"cd" using a relative path to a fd can hit kernel bugs in the
/dev/fd-filesystem if the physical filesystem is NFS. The patch avoids
these bugs by avoiding the use of the /dev/fd-fileystem for
directories and just use |openat()| and the fd number from the path).



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