On 26 September 2012 10:57, Cedric Blancher
<cedric.blanc...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> On 26 September 2012 06:09, Lionel Cons <lionelcons1...@googlemail.com> wrote:
>> On 27 August 2012 22:22, Glenn Fowler <g...@research.att.com> wrote:
>>> I took a quick look and iconv(1) does look like a good candidate for -lcmd
>>> it would just need an sh signal check in the inner file loop
>> Could you add this for the next alpha/beta or what comes next, please?
>> I personally ran afoul of the lack of iconv this night on almost 70 of
>> our machines and DO have a grudge against that thing.
> Hey, where's your usual request for grep? :)

Nay, we've given up on that. I'm in a wheelchair with grey hair when
this happens.  We've elaborated the options and came to the conclusion
that none will work: External AST grep is too slow, the .paths
solution so desperately defended by David and Glenn is not deployable
on a site like CERN (b'cause we can't guarantee that nothing else
breaks except ksh93 when there is an extra .paths file in /usr/bin)
and generally if the default ksh93 builtin doesn't include it the we
have to convince every Linux vendor under this Sun to adopt the same
patches or deploy our own ksh93 binaries for every single installation
at our site. That's possible but costly.
The solution for us was to abandon ksh93 and port the affected
applications to perl instead. That's ugly but we've left with no other
acceptable choice.

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