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> On 12 September 2012 06:23, ольга крыжановская
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>> Does any one know where /dev/audio went in newer Linux? The /dev/audio
>> was used to pass ulaw data, but it is gone now. Is there a
>> replacement?
> No, someone thought it's funny to make users look for it. I'd love to
> get his name and address to send him the "biggest minor jerk 2012"
> award.

Erm... I think people would be much more helpfull if such outbursts
could be obmitted.

> Try /sbin/modprobe snd_pcm_oss as root. It should bring /dev/audio
> back until you reboot. I still haven't found a solution which is
> permanent.

[Picking random victim from my SuSE address list... today's special
guest is: Michael Schroeder :-) ]

Michael... erm... any idea how this (e.g. $ /sbin/modprobe snd_pcm_oss
#) can be made "permanent" (or executed at boot time) ? It's a bit
frustrating that our AST tests fail in the middle of the test run
because /dev/audio is missing from time to time because someone forgot
to re-load the module after reboot... ;-/



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