The option to use the bundled version of pjproject has been available since
January 2016 and is the only "supported" method of using pjproject now.
It's also the only effective way to troubleshoot since things like
DONT_OPTIMIZE and MALLOC_DEBUG are passed down the the bundled build.

You can still disable it of course with '--without-pjproject-bundled'.

There have been comments about needing internet access to build but you can
download the tarball and checksum yourself and place them in a known,
static, location, then use the '--with-externals-cache' option to tell
configure where it is.  Same for the precompiled codecs and the DPMA.

You can also use the PJPROJECT_URL environment variable to change the
downlaod URL to a file:/// (or any) URL that points to the directory where
the tarball and checksum are located.


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