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> Asterisk downloads a lot of external stuff while configuring and
> installing - via HTTP - for example sound files, Digium modules, and the
> PJProject. These downloads are guarded by checksum/hashes which are
> - not stored within the Asterisk tarball but
> - retrieved from the same source as the external stuff.
> Therefore, those hashes cannot be deemed secure and do not qualify to
> authenticate those resources. Currently, the guards are only about
> detecting incomplete downloads.

Sorry, I'm not following you - why would they not be secure if they're
from the same source?  downloads.asterisk.org is an https site, so
certificate auth and all that should be verifiable.

> Asterisk does not use a "latest" version of external stuff. Instead,
> each Asterisk release uses specific versions (e.g. the file
> sounds/Makefile). Therefore, the hashes are known when the Asterisk
> tarball is created. Consequently, what about including those hashes into
> the Asterisk tarball itself? That way, incomplete downloads are still
> detected. Furthermore, downloads are authenticated and there is no need
> to download external stuff via HTTPs.
> I am asking because HTTPs can mess (and does already, see
> <https://issues.asterisk.org/jira/browse/ASTERISK-27665>) configuring
> and installing of Asterisk. Sounds like a job for George, doesn't it?

Sounds interesting but... not sure if I'm sold on it being worth the
effort... Help me to understand why this is important :-)

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