On Wed, Feb 21, 2018, at 7:42 PM, Gaurav Khurana wrote:
> Does anyone know about how caching of media actually happens in Asterisk 
> 14? What I observe is that in the case of a media uri being presented to 
> Asterisk to play to the caller, Asterisk fetches the media, stores it 
> in /tmp and plays it back. Now, when the same media uri is presented to 
> Asterisk again whether in the same Call (SIP session with a given 
> caller) or a new call, Asterisk makes a web request to fetch the media 
> file again and replaces the existing file under /tmp  with the new one. 
> This is kinda fine but what doesn't seem right is that when Media server 
> serving the media files is down, Asterisk fails to play it instead of 
> using the cached media file.

I don't think that scenario was targeted for the support when it was written. 
It may have just been written to not download the file if it hasn't changed 
which would explain the behavior you are seeing. I think it'd be reasonable to 
add support for the scenario and shouldn't be too bad depending on the code.

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