I want to remove some static payload from Asterisk's RTP Engine.
so if I remove the following lines from ast_rtp_engine_init of

        add_static_payload(102, ast_format_siren7, 0);
        add_static_payload(103, ast_format_h263p, 0);
        add_static_payload(104, ast_format_mp4, 0);
        add_static_payload(105, ast_format_t140_red, 0);   /* Real time
text chat (with redundancy encoding) */
        add_static_payload(106, ast_format_t140, 0);     /* Real time text
chat */
        add_static_payload(108, ast_format_vp9, 0);
        add_static_payload(110, ast_format_speex, 0);
        add_static_payload(111, ast_format_g726, 0);
        add_static_payload(112, ast_format_g726_aal2, 0);
        add_static_payload(115, ast_format_siren14, 0);
        add_static_payload(116, ast_format_g719, 0);
        add_static_payload(117, ast_format_speex16, 0);
        add_static_payload(118, ast_format_slin16, 0); /* 16 Khz signed
linear */
        add_static_payload(119, ast_format_speex32, 0);
        add_static_payload(121, NULL, AST_RTP_CISCO_DTMF);   /* Must be
type 121 */

will there be any other impact other than that if any of these payload
types (for e.g. 105) are received than asterisk will treat them as
*Unknown Payload

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