Hello folks,

I'd like to submit some of my Asterisk patches (which might be useful for other users) to the master source tree, and I'd like to do it most efficient way (time is short). I have read info about submitting on Wiki and I'd like to ask:

- Is it OK to submit following patches to Asterisk?
- Which is the oldest branch that these patches can be submitted to?
- For every patch, should I open JIRA issue and then submit patch to Gerrit?

Proposed patches:

1/ Patch to CDR_PROP and CDR engine, which allows to mark last CDR level (from the last Dial) as disabled, so it won't be written to the CDR storage. It allows to restore similar CDR behaviour as before Asterisk 12, when only one CDR was stored for one call from A-party, regardless of how many subsequent Dial()s has been made to reach B-party. With Asterisk 12 and above and this patch, after unsuccessfull Dial() attempt to B-party is made, CDR_PROP(disable_last)=1 can be used to disable (discard) last CDR before another Dial() attempt is made. This patch also adds displaying of CDR flags to listing of CDRs (core show channel ...) to help debug CDR issues.

2/ Patch to security events and chan_sip which adds "useragent" field to ARI security events and to chan_sip events (Register, Unregister, Failed authentication, etc). We found this very useful in several cases - for example when SIP user authentication fails, AMI event contains useragent field which can be used to check if attempt was from regular phone or some SIP scanner.

3/ Patch to chan_sip which improves processing of incoming UPDATE (RFC 3311) to allow interoperability with some IMS/SBC implementations. Basic handling of UPDATE of RPID/PAI headers, SDP attachment and session-timers is supported. Feature must be enabled in sip.conf (allowupdate=yes).

4/ Patch to chan_sip which adds basic support for P-Early-Media header (RFC 5009) and enables early-media interoperability with IMS.

Thank you for response(s).

Michal Rybarik

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