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> > You're in off-nominal untested un thought of territory, so the code
> behavior
> > probably reflects that. Specifically having both audio and video, and
> doing
> > hold/unhold. Audio hold is special and separate from stream negotiation,
> > while video isn't, so things probably don't handle that.
> Considering that, I would like to have a discussion about considering
> reverting
> ASTERISK-28783 [1]. This change showed that the handling of non-default
> streams
> is not mature enough yet to be used in production environments.
> Specifically,
> one-way streams and hold/unhold are not handled correctly. In order to keep
> Asterisk reliably usable for many different use-cases (Swiss Army Knife), I
> would suggest reverting this change for now until the handling of
> non-default
> streams is mature enough to handle more than just the most basic use-cases.
> Please let me know what you think about this suggestion.

What was the behavior before and after in the various cases, that we should
consider reverting it?

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