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> On 8/31/2022 7:47 PM, Michael Bradeen wrote:
> > Hello again!
> >
> > The Python3 release of the testsuite has been merged.  The wiki has
> > been updated and will continue to update as things change.
> >
> > As indicated before, with this change running the testsuite on Python2
> > is no longer supported.  Please check the wiki for any questions and
> > reply on the forum or this email with questions that come up!
> Thanks for the update Mike, and all the work involved in this,
>     I was able to get the runInVenv.sh script to finally run last night,
> after installing a few additional Debian packages (python3-dev and
> python3-venv)
> (I wonder if an install_prereqs.sh for the test suite might be useful at
> some point, but that's for a different day)

There already is one in the same place as the Asterisk one,

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