If the transfer is using SIP REFER, the carrier/switch (equipment that sends 
call into Asterisk) would be required to support it.

SIP REFER tends to be used with switch vendors as opposed to SIP providers.
Not sure if there are any SIP providers who support the REFER feature.
Generally, SIP REFER requires SIP Provider or Switch equipment to perform an 
internal patch/bridge for the 2 parties to hear each other.


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Having an issue with call delay and it got more noticeable as more an more 
customers start to forward there inbound calls to cell phones. Calling from 
cell to office then transfer to another cell has the most delays.

To avoid this I am trying to figure out how to get out of the audio stream and 
transfer via the carrier. I tried a few options, like asterisk transfer feature 
that works great from asterisk to asterisk but not directed to a carrier.
Do I need to get the carrier to enable a feature to do this ?

Anyone know the best way to solve this problem. I have researched this and cant 
find a solid answer. Is sip redirect the answer ?

Any help is much appreciated.

John Bittner
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