The Asterisk Development Team would like to announce the first
release candidate of Asterisk 16.29.0.
This release candidate is available for immediate download at

The release of Asterisk 16.29.0-rc1 resolves several issues reported by the
community and would have not been possible without your participation.

Thank you!

The following issues are resolved in this release candidate:

New Features made in this release:
 * ASTERISK-30037 - Add test support to calling external
      (Reported by Philip Prindeville)
 * ASTERISK-30161 - locks: add AMI event for deadlock
      (Reported by N A)
 * ASTERISK-30211 - app_confbridge: Add end_marked_any option
      (Reported by N A)
 * ASTERISK-30186 - res_pjsip: Add support for reloading TLS
      certificate and key information
      (Reported by Joshua C.
 * ASTERISK-29899 - features: Add advanced transfer initiation
      (Reported by N A)

Bugs fixed in this release:
 * ASTERISK-30135 - [res_musiconhold] Allows the moh only for
      the answered call
      (Reported by sungtae kim)
 * ASTERISK-26894 - pjsip should support tel uri scheme
      (Reported by Gergely Dömsödi)
 * ASTERISK-30210 - func_frame_trace: Channel masquerade
      triggers assertion
      (Reported by N A)
 * ASTERISK-30190 - res_geolocation:  GEOLOC_PROFILE isn't
      returning correct values on incoming channel
      (Reported by
      George Joseph)
 * ASTERISK-29185 - chan_pjsip: Endpoint: allow = all is
      (Reported by Alexander Traud)
 * ASTERISK-30192 - res_tonedetect: fix typo for frametype
      (Reported by N A)
 * ASTERISK-29453 - alembic: incoming_call_offer_pref and
      outgoing_call_offer_pref missing in "ps_endpoints" table
      (Reported by Daniel Thümen)
 * ASTERISK-26826 - testsuite: Add support for Python 3
      (Reported by Joshua C. Colp)
 * ASTERISK-30167 - res_geolocation:  Refactor for issues found
      by users
      (Reported by George Joseph)
 * ASTERISK-28422 - Memory Leak in Confbridge menu
      (Reported by Ted G)
 * ASTERISK-29917 - ami: FilterList action doesn't exist
      (Reported by N A)
 * ASTERISK-30020 - ConfbridgeListRooms Event Not Documented
      (Reported by Michael Cargile)
 * ASTERISK-30018 - app_meetme: MeetmeList AMI event not
      (Reported by Michael Cargile)
 * ASTERISK-30151 - Documentation doesn't include info about
      "field", a 3rd required parameter.
      (Reported by Chris

Improvements made in this release:
 * ASTERISK-30178 - extend user_eq_phone behavior to local
      (Reported by Michael Bradeen)
 * ASTERISK-30046 - Reimplement res/res_crypto.c internals with
      EVP_PKEY interface to Openssl API's
      (Reported by Philip
 * ASTERISK-30045 - Add test coverage to res/res_crypto.c
      (Reported by Philip Prindeville)
 * ASTERISK-30185 - res_geolocation: Allow location parameters
      to be specified in profiles
      (Reported by George Joseph)
 * ASTERISK-30177 - res_geolocation:  Add option to suppress
      empty elements
      (Reported by George Joseph)
 * ASTERISK-30182 - res_geolocation: Add built-in profiles to
      use in fully dynamic configurations
      (Reported by George
 * ASTERISK-29906 - [patch] update RLS to reflect the changes to
      the lists
      (Reported by Alexei Gradinari)
 * ASTERISK-30163 - general: fix minor formatting issues
      (Reported by N A)
 * ASTERISK-30164 - chan_iax2: Add missing option documentation

      (Reported by N A)
 * ASTERISK-30160 - cdr.conf: Remove obsolete app_mysql
      (Reported by N A)
 * ASTERISK-30159 - general: Remove obsolete SVN references
      (Reported by N A)
 * ASTERISK-30153 - logger: Improve log levels
      by N A)

For a full list of changes in this release candidate, please see the ChangeLog:

Thank you for your continued support of Asterisk!
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