So, it's possible to achieve multi-tenancy in Asterisk with well-designed dial 
plan. By multi-tenancy, in terms of Asterisk, I mean each "customer" has their 
own separate dial plan, and each customer cannot "see" another.

However, when it comes to looking at the asterisk CLI/console, you see all the 
calls flowing across all dial plans, which can be a lot to look at.

What is the possibility of adding some kind of "tenancy filtering" to CLI 

Example: At the beginning of a dial plan call, let's say exten => s, we set 
LoggingTenancy(customer_id), then all of the subsequent log messages are 
visible in the CLI only if you run the "logging view tenant (x)" or something 
like this.

That would make it easier to diagnose call issues on high-volume systems.

I, personally, do not have the ability to implement this, but I wanted to put 
it out there.

Luke Escudé


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