Hello Karsten,

attached you will find the patch for 18.16. The patch consists of 4 files, which should be applied behind one another, starting with 1 (patch -p1 ...). The first of the attached patches removes the new Mediasec patch.


On 30.01.23 at 17:58 Karsten Wemheuer wrote:
Hi *,

I am currently testing Asterisk 18.16 with TLS and Mediasec. I am
testing it with Telekom CompanyFlex. The trunk registers and after a
while the request to re-register gets a "403 Forbidden".
I had previously used Asterisk 18.15 with the patch from Michael Maier.
That worked flawlessly.
Why are there two approaches to solving the "Mediasec" problem? What is
the obstacle that prevents to use the working patch from Michael Maier?

Thanks for clarification.

Have a nice day.


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