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> On 8/4/2023 9:48 AM, George Joseph wrote:
> > We've done a dump of all the ASTERISK-* issues and their attachments
> > from the issues.asterisk.org <http://issues.asterisk.org> Jira
> > instance and made them available at
> > https://issues-archive.asterisk.org. It'll be a few days before Google
> > gets around to indexing the entire site so the search bar isn't
> > working yet but you can browse the issues right now.  When the search
> > is fully working we'll announce it on the asterisk-users list as well.
> >
> > Take a look.
> Looks good on the surface to me. My main concern was patch attachments
> being preserved and it looks like they are.
> Just curious, how large is the export exactly? Certain things in JIRA
> were helpful like being able to filter issues by a keyword to "open",
> i.e. things which had and have not yet been resolved. The Google Search
> will help with indexing content but not with filtering, I'd think. If
> it's not too large, do you think this would be better suited to allowing
> folks to download an archive and then be able to use tools like grep to
> find the issues they want?
> I don't know that the hosted archives needs to do this, I suspect very
> few people would have any need for being able to do that, and I don't
> want to add any work for anyone here.
> Side question, more on the legal side. When everything was on JIRA, I
> think the policy was that any patches on JIRA could be taken through
> code review by anyone else, so long as the uploader had signed the CLA.
> Now that it is on GitHub, and there is a new CLA, and most people have
> not resigned the CLA for patches from the past ~20 years, how does this
> affect patches in the JIRA archive? Since the CLA was valid when they
> were provided to the project, can they still be taken through code
> review by anyone else? What is the status of such patches? Thanks.

All contributions need to be under the new CLA. The previous signed CLA is
no longer valid, even though the changes may have been submitted using it.
Original authors can use the archive site to get their old patches if they
want and submit under the new CLA.

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