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The Asterisk Development Team would like to announce security release
Asterisk 21.0.1.

The release artifacts are available for immediate download at

The following security advisories were resolved in this release:
- [Path traversal via AMI GetConfig allows access to outside files](
- [Asterisk susceptible to Denial of Service via DTLS Hello packets during
call initiation](
- [PJSIP logging allows attacker to inject fake Asterisk log entries ](
- [PJSIP_HEADER dialplan function can overwrite memory/cause crash when
using 'update'](

Change Log for Release asterisk-21.0.1


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- res_pjsip_header_funcs: Duplicate new header value, don't copy.
- res_pjsip: disable raw bad packet logging
- res_rtp_asterisk.c: Check DTLS packets against ICE candidate list
- manager.c: Prevent path traversal with GetConfig.

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