how are you people. i am a newbie in asterisk and
i need your help.

the scenerio is like this.

1.all local SIP users will be connected to asterisk
via IP.

2.PSTN will be connected to AS5300.pstn will give us a
local prefix like 333xxxx. so any one calling at
333xxxx will go to my as5300.

3.now i want if someone calls via PSTN to a number
3331111 this should go to my some sip user e.g "john"
(connect to asterisk via ip). but only to john.

4.now when john dials to any number outside 333 range
, it should be dialed to the destination via
AS5300(which is connected to PSTN). and destination
should see that it is called by a number 3331111.

5.now if all this scenerio is possible, how the
asterisk server and As5300 will talk to each other.
what protocol can be used between them.
and what physical connection i.e like ethernet or E-1
connection between as5300 and asterisk server.

6.which billing radius server you recommend, and what
kind of cards will be required in a5300.

thanks a lot for reading this.
and thanks for reply in advance.

any other suggestions are also welcome.


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