Am Donnerstag, den 07.06.2007, 01:15 +0200 schrieb Patrick Zwahlen:
> Hi everyone,
> How do you send multiline SMSs using smsq or .call files ?
> smsq --motx-channel="mISDN/g:bri/xxxx" 078yyyy "line1 line2"
> How can I have a carriage return between line1 and line2 ? I have tried
> the regular \n and \r. No success.
> Thanks for any help. - Patrick -

I am not sure about sending texts on command-line (did not work for me
either, although it probably should), but if you write those to a file
instead, it will work:

echo -en "This is a\nmultiline message\n\nCool, eh?" >/tmp/sms1
smsq --mt --oa=12345 --mttx-callerid=01930101
--mttx-channel="SIP/sip503" --ud-file="/tmp/sms1"

did the trick for me.


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