Hi all,

I have a Netgear TA612V voip adapter which I am trying
to convince to work with asterisk. If I activate one of the two lines
(line one or line two). The unit registers with the server no problem. If
I try to register both lines with different usernames & passwords the
registrations fail and the server responds with 401 unauthorized.

A search of the web shows that this has been seen before with other
multi-line Netgear VOIP products. It is perhaps due to the fact that the
source and destination ports for the SIP channel for both lines are always
the same values (default 5060) meaning as far as the server is concerned
the IP communication is going down the same logical connection between
VOIP adapter and Asterisk server.

Has anyone else seen this and
is there either a work around or fix?

Many thanks


Simon Falvey

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