I want to use an asterisk box to provide a voip service to a number of
separate companies.

I have a VOIP provider who I want to trunk with. As far as I can see
it there are 2 options
1. Have 1 SIP trunk to one account at the provider who gives me
multiple incoming numbers; this is less than optimal as the provider
does not provide the DID number in the sip header; I only get the
account number. I have the option to set "called line presentation"
but this will stop CLID

2. Have multiple sip trunks to multiple accounts at the provider. Is
this an advisable thing to do? I notice asterisk does not handle the
incoming context correctly (all incoming calls go to the last incoming
context defined in sip.conf), but I can extract the account called via
the EXTEN variable.

I would be looking at providing around 20 companies with accounts (all
very small), and would prefer option (2) to enable failover to a
number they specify.

Thanks for any light shed


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